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CSX Corporation
CSX Corporation, based in Jacksonville, Fla., is one of the nation's leading transportation companies, providing rail, intermodal and rail-to-truck trainload services. The company's transportation network spans approximately 21,000 miles, with service to 23 eastern states and the District of Columbia, and connects to more than 70 ocean, river and lake ports. More information about CSX Corporation and its subsidiaries is available at the company's web site, www.csx.com.
Georgia Ports Authority Georgia Ports Authority
Facilitating global trade through strategic U.S. East Coast gateways, the Georgia Ports Authority is a leader in the operation of modern terminals and in meeting the demands of international business. Georgia's ports combine industry innovations with proven flexibility to create new opportunities along the entire global logistics pipeline, delivering what the market demands. Now. Because in the world of trade, we're not just keeping up, we're setting the pace.
iTech for business
Our roots are in logistics. Because of that, iTech is uniquely qualified to consult on, provide, implement, and customize Warehouse Management Systems, Transportation Management Systems, and other productivity enhancing software for logistics service providers. We also help our customers with appropriate technology from Server Management and Backup, Threat Detection and Removal, VOIP Telephony, High Definition Surveillance Systems, High Performance Wi-Fi, and Software Engineering. iTech for Business provides organizations with predictable, business-focused IT services that optimize operations, manage risk, and deliver measurable business value.
Konecranes Konecranes
Konecranes is the world’s most experienced and innovative provider of crane technology. Our fleet of container handling equipment delivers shorter turn-around times in operations involving ships, trains and trucks. The key words describing the benefits of our technology are: less air and noise pollution; a safer working environment; more efficient land use. The formula for our long-term success is to deliver all of the above with the lowest possible total cost of ownership.
Moffatt & Nichol Moffatt & Nichol
Moffatt & Nichol is a leading U.S.-based global infrastructure advisor specializing in the planning and design of facilities that shape our coastlines, harbors and rivers as well as an innovator in the transportation complexities associated with the movement of freight. From offices throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim, the firm serves clients in six key practice areas – ports and harbors; coastal, environmental and water resources; urban waterfronts and marinas; transportation and rail; inspection and rehabilitation; and energy.
Norfolk Southern Corporation Norfolk Southern Corporation
Norfolk Southern is the fourth largest North American railroad operating over 21,000 route miles. It serves the Ports of Savannah and Brunswick, and maintains one of its headquarters in Atlanta. NS has the most extensive Eastern intermodal network, and is the largest rail carrier of metals and automotive products.
Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
A wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of Dr. Ing.h.c.F.Porsche, Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) and its 197 dealers offer U.S. customers the most advanced performance cars anywhere. Also, Porsche is committed to being a leader in lowering emissions. The company’s guiding credo is “Porsche Intelligent Performance” with the goal to prove that Porsche’s high performance and efficiency are not contradictory. PCNA imports cars that include the iconic 911 series, the renowned Boxster and Cayman mid-engines, the Cayenne SUV and the four-door Panamera Gran Turismo cars.
Realm Advertising Realm Advertising
Realm Advertising is a best-service marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia. Realm creates new, meaningful brands and supports existing ones to their full potential.
TICO / Terminal Services
TICO / Terminal Services, the preeminent provider of Terminal Equipment Outsourcing Solutions, can provide your company with creative solutions to capital equipment needs that offer the flexibility, cost identification, and services levels necessary in today's global economy. Just call (800)BUY-TICO
Vopak Terminal Savannah, Inc. Vopak Terminal Savannah, Inc.
With a history going back almost four centuries, Vopak is the world’s largest provider of conditioned storage facilities for bulk liquids. Whether it’s liquid or gaseous chemicals, oil products, petrochemicals, biofuels, vegetable oils or Liquefied Natural Gas we offer complete storage and transshipment solutions at 80 terminals in 32 countries, covering and connecting the world’s major shipping lanes. Vopak offers more storage capacity than any other independent tank terminal operator in the world.
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